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Gems and jewels are basically stones but they are not easily and universally available as ordinary stones are. From time immemorial, stones have been affecting our life either directly or indirectly. Building of temple, idols of the deity, near the railway tracks and the building of our own house we see scores of varied uses of stones. This is a world of stones literally.

There will hardly be a country in the world where stones are not found. Now even the ordinary stones come in scores of varieties. Some are highly expensive while others are comparatively cheap. But each of them has their own independent existence. Not one stone can be given a lower value and that is why every kind of stone has its own use.

Gemstones are inherently expensive and cannot be put in menial uses. Almost all of them have some latent power often called divine power. These gemstones are not universally available also. Due to their peculiar appearance, brilliance and colour, these gemstones draw our attention and tempt us to wear or possess them.

Different Types of Ratna -

  • Manikya (Ruby)
  • Moti (Pearl)
  • Mungaa (Coral)
  • Panna (Emerald)
  • Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire)
  • Neelam (Blue Sapphire)
  • Heera (Diamond)
  • Gomed (Hassonite)
  • Lahsumiya (Cat’s eye)
  • Phiroza (Turquoise)
  • Chandrakant (Moon stone)
  • Ghrit Mani
  • Tail Mani
  • Bheeshmak
  • Upalak Mani (Opal)
  • Sphatic Mani (Rock Crystal)
  • Paras Mani
  • Ulook Mani
  • Larvart (Lapis Mani)
  • Masar Mani
  • Ishiv

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